Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lights, Camera, Earrings!

Josh's latest earring design was inspired by my obsession with the classic film "Sunset Boulevard." His 10,000 Midnights Ago earrings pay tribute to my favorite lines in the movie, which are spoken by Joe Gillis:

"The whole place seemed to have been stricken with a kind of creeping paralysis, out of beat with the rest of the world, crumbling apart in slow motion. There was a tennis court, or rather the ghost of a tennis court, with faded markings and a sagging net. And of course, she had a pool - who didn't then. Mabel Normand and John Gilbert must have swum in it ten thousand midnights ago, and Vilma Banky and Rod La Roque. It was empty now, or was it?"

These hauntingly beautiful earrings, which are made with gold-tone moon charms and blue faceted glass beads, conjure up memories of walking along moonlit paths, beneath a blanket of stars.


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